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Swear Card 5 pack


Swear Card 5 pack


It's a fun fact that swearing can actually increase your tolerance to both physical and emotional pain. Enter: the Swear Card.

This greeting card loudly and creatively announces that sometimes things are a load of turd-wrangling, cock-juggling, ass-biting, piss-swilling, dildo-wrestling, bollocks-twisting, nipple-ripping, ball-busting, knob-knocking, dick-grazing, flap-slapping, twat-knotting, tits-up FUCKING SHIT, but actually it helps to swear about it. 

Save $5 when you buy a 5 pack of swear cards. These are good to have in your card stash for when your friend loses their job, your brother goes through a break up, your sister is stuck in lock down AGAIN, or just any occasion that's a bit shit.  Read it out loud. You'll feel better, we guarantee it.

The next time your mum tells you to stop cussing, you can call her a flap-slapper and tell her we said it's good for you!

Card dimensions: 140mm x 140mm 
Envelope dimensions: 150mm x 150mm 

Printed on 100% recycled eco-friendly paper. 

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