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Meet the Team

Sarah Abramson


Sarah is a designer by trade and a chocolate-fiend by night. A self-professed creative nut, she is comfortable wielding both a hot glue gun and the Illustrator pen tool. She tends to leave a trail of glitter in her wake and likes to think that one day, she’ll retire in the South of France.

Her favourite things include:
• Saturday morning sleep-ins,
• Reading in the sun
• Daggy dancing to 90s RnB.


Dana Rochwerger


Dana is versed in the world of digital marketing and holds the coveted position of Chief Snuggler with team pup, Bandit. She believes strongly that Cadbury Crème Eggs should be available year-round. Nothing thrills her in life like a well-ordered pantry. In her spare time she can be found obsessively colour-coding and alphabetising.  

Her favourite things include:
• A choc top at the movies
• Beach days
• Inventing new and imaginative swear words.



Head of barketing

Bandit's extensive resume includes a Master’s in lap naps and a Doctorate in scruffiness. Between snoozes he ensures that team morale is high and that the floor is free of crumbs.

His favourite things include:
• Ear scritches
• Zoomies at the park
• Sneaky snoozes under the covers