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Bad things happen. And when they do, it sucks. Big time.

And while there are lots of ways to celebrate the wins with your loved ones, it’s harder to show your support when things get rough, particularly from afar. 

I mean, you know a pony would make them smile but if we’re being honest, ponies poop a lot and the RSPCA probably has something to say about them living in a tiny inner-city apartment. 

That’s why we created Not A Pony – a thoughtfully tailored range of care packs for a variety of situations — when your bestie is going through a break-up; when your niece gets her first period; or when your sister is experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions that come with trying to conceive. 

We deal in serious whimsy, for times when the stakes are high and the need for a smile is real — we’re your go-to for curated care packs when you can’t find the words. Together with Gidget, our spirit animal and chief mascot, we aim to bring a real honker of a laugh to your loved one’s day. 

Run by two mamas in South Eastern Melbourne, Not a Pony ships Australia wide. 

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