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Broken Heart Care Pack


Broken Heart Care Pack


Well, shit. Whether they’re the dumper or the dumpee, there’s nothing fun about a breakup.

Their heart is hurting. Their eyes are puffy. They’ve probably run out of tissues and now their sleeve is a little soggy.

Soon they’ll be ready to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start doing sit-ups obsessively so that they’re looking like a genuine SMOKE SHOW the next time they run into their ex. Right now, they need a little love and we’re here to facilitate the comfort eating.

The breakup care package includes:

  • A jar of “healthy” chocolate “vitamins” to help mend a broken heart.
  • A tub of strawberry fairy floss which is much like their ex – smells amazing and a great idea at the time, but best enjoyed in small doses (GF, vegan)
  • A handy guidebook from the one and only Zoe Foster Blake to help them navigate this breakup like the strong, graceful, optimistic bad ass that they are.
  • A delicious scented candle because the urge to burn something is strong and this way, they can indulge in the sweet, sweet smell of independence.
  • A luxurious bath soak because hot damn, this is the time to be indulgent!


  • Now we know the recipient of this pack may not necessarily be female, but if they are, you can add a Fierce Female A5 Print to your pack as a celebration of the strong, independant woman that she is! 

PLEASE NOTE: Gidget the Goose is our spirit animal and chief mascot but she is not included in our packs.