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You've Got Nail - Easy Threezy Pack


You've Got Nail - Easy Threezy Pack

Sometimes you just need a quick, convenient, crowd-pleasing gift option. Something that looks thoughtful and luxe, but actually required zero thought and almost no energy on your part. Enter: the Easy Threezy packs.

Each Easy Threezy pack:
  • contains three luxury items, all sustainably produced by a local small-biz brand;
  • sits at an affordable price point of $50 across the entire Easy Threezy collection;
  • pleases everyone / offends no one;
  • will save you hours of pondering what to buy to a colleague you've barely spoken to or the obscure uncle who decided to come to Christmas this year.

This Easy Threezy pack is called You've Got Nail. It's sweet, wholesome and loveable, just like Nora Ephron's leading ladies. It contains:

  • a set of three decadent Belgian hot chocolate bombs
  • a super-nourishing, deliciously-scented, all-natural lip balm
  • a cruelty-free, no-nasties vegan nail polish, available in either Bold (melon red) or Mother (nude)

PLEASE NOTE: Gidget the Goose is our spirit animal and chief mascot but she is not included in our packs.