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Period Party Care Pack


Period Party Care Pack


HOORAY! Finally a gift pack to celebrate some good news!

Back in the day, getting your first period was a mortifying experience. Something that involved whispering, covert operations, and having your bestie secretly pass a pad under the bathroom stall. But no more! Let’s embrace this milestone as something to be celebrated. To help smash the taboo of periods, we bring you the Period Party Pack.

It contains:

  • A pack of eco friendly tampons made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • A pack of pads made from natural bamboo and corn fibre. No nasties here.
  • A super cute purse for storing period products so that she’s never caught without.
  • A delicious chocolate freckle block, because everyone knows the best part of getting your period is the accompanying chocolate binge.
  • A bold nail polish shade; perfect for a strong, fun, modern woman.
  • A mini heat bag for those aches and pains, small enough to slip under her jumper and cute enough to share around with equally aching besties.


  • Add a Fierce Female A5 Print to your pack as a celebration of the strong, empowered woman that she is! 

PLEASE NOTE: Gidget the Goose is our spirit animal and chief mascot but she is not included in our packs.