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Our story

Our story


Once upon a time, two Melbourne mamas were contentedly going about their bad-ass ways when they were slapped in the face by the shitstorm that was 2020. The country was burning, the plague was spreading and there was a nation-wide lack of toilet paper. They briefly considered going underground until it was all over, but then they realised they couldn’t help anybody from there. And if there was ever a time where people needed to help each other, 2020 was it.  

So from the year’s never-ending avalanche of doom and disaster, Not A Pony was born. The idea is simple: bad things happen, but it can be really tricky to know what to say or how to help. Flowers and wine are lovely but a bit dull and generic; a pony would be great but is somewhat impractical. So we decided to get niche — to curate beautiful care packages to help you support loved ones through life’s more difficult obstacles.  

We are firmly aligned with the Support Local movement and strive to bolster local, independent brands, particularly those who share our environmentally conscious ethos. 

As a female-led partnership, we love to support other businesses run by women and we endeavour to shine a light on difficult topics with a sensitive and hopeful approach. Our ultimate goal is to act as a glittery beacon of optimism and levity when the gloomy greyness threatens to swallow you whole. 

Turns out that launching a business during a pandemic is anything but a walk in the park. But we’re finally here, hooray huzzah! We chose to launch with four packages that ultimately speak to the heart of what we’re about. 

Break ups. Nearly every human on the face of the planet has been here. There’s a universality about the pain of a broken heart and it doesn’t matter how many times you go through it, it doesn’t really get easier. The Broken Heart Pack is about facilitating the wallow and helping you out the other side of it. 

Periods. Another rite of passage, though this one uniquely female. We’re not going to lie, bleeding for a week out of every month can be a real bitch but it’s also cause for celebration. You’re a woman with power to boot, and we’re going to sing it from the rooftops. The Period Party Pack is about smashing the taboos around menstruation and helping the next generation to own their womanhood. 

The unique sleep deprivation that comes with parenthood. You’ve pulled all-nighters at uni, you’ve partied til sun-up on the Greek islands but nothing can quite prepare you for the relentless exhaustions of newborn life. It’s equal parts beautiful and brutal. The Tired Mama Pack is something just for her — not for baby, not for family — just for that tired-as-fuck-but-so in-love mama. 

Miscarriage. If you’ve ever been through this or supported a grieving parent, you’ll know the pain can be all-consuming. No care package can really make a dent in that but the Miscarriage Care Pack aims to show them that they are not alone, and give them some simple tools to help process the deluge of emotions. 

    Your love and support means everything to us. We'd love you to follow us on instagram or facebook – @notaponyau – and please spread the word, share the love and most importantly keep on keeping on.