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Meet the Maker - Paper Go Round

Meet the Maker - Paper Go Round


One of Not a Pony's main goals is to bolster local, independent brands, particularly those who share our environmentally conscious ethos. Please meet the maker of our beautiful seeded paper included in the Miscarriage Care Pack.

Your name: 
Dave the Paper Maker


Instagram handle: 

Favourite Disney movie: 

Choc chip or choc-coated?
Choc chip

What does your ultimate indulgent weekend look like?  
Watching my 3 boys playing Aussie Rules, followed by homemade pizza in our wood fired oven with a glass of red!

Paint the scene for us - what can you see from your office window? 
In our beloved Seed Paper Shed we have lots of plants growing out of upcycled  wheel barrows with everything from carrots, lettuce, to oregano, thyme, and native swan river daisy flowers.

When did you launch your business? 
While Paper-Go-Round has existed for almost 30 years, we have been hand making seed paper in our garage for 14 years. Two years ago the owner was selling Paper-Go-Round so we purchased all the equipment and moved it to Werribee Victoria.

Dave Paper Go Round

What were some of the challenges you faced in starting out? 
In the Summer if you don’t dry the paper quick enough it starts growing. Time is a challenge for all small business owners especially when you are the sales person, the accountant, the IT department, the warehouse picker and packer, and of course the paper maker!

What do you love about running your business? 
I just love upcycling & pulping up used office paper from other small businesses, and embedding with seeds from Aussie farms, dipping the frames into our vat. Pressing the paper, putting into our drying rooms overnight and coming in the next morning to beautiful hand made paper. Its so satisfying to actually make something with your own hands!

What are the ways in which you try to keep your product as environmentally responsible as possible? 
Our seed paper is handmade from recycled paper so is upcycled, we always strive to do our bit to help save the planet everyday. We use recycled cardboard boxes for shipping, we use compostable satchels for small shipments. We are investing in solar panels for our power, we plant equivalent of 1 TREE every day at our 2 planting days which we hold with other likeminded sustainable businesses — one in Adelaide on National Tree Day and our first Melbourne planting day will be in January once lockdown is over with our buddies at BeeKeeper Parade.

What would you like someone receiving your product to know? 
We handmake our seed paper, we print only using water based inks and we test every batch to ensure seeds germinate. If you receive a Birthday card or a Thank you card printed on seed paper read the words of love, soak it in water, plant it in your garden & water well. Its more than likely we printed and handmade the paper!

Not a Pony's seeded paper is embedded with lemon-scented bottlebrush seeds. We love that this is an Australian native, connecting with our love of Australia, the environment and our local flora and fauna.