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Meet the maker – New Moon Blends

Meet the maker – New Moon Blends


One of our favourite Makers, Alana from New Moon Blends puts an emphasis on sourcing environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging. Her gorgeous self-care products are included in the Tired Mama Pack and the Broken Heart Pack and are just what the doctor ordered.

Your name: Alana

Business: New Moon Blends

Instagram handle: @newmoonblends

Favourite Disney movie: Aladdin or Lion King.

Choc chip or choc-coated? Choc chip obviously.

What does your ultimate indulgent weekend look like? No plans whatsoever, a long bubble bath, some self pampering time oh, and a massage!

Paint the scene for us - what can you see from your office window? I'm lucky that I can see some beautiful green trees and plants in between all the boxes and supplies.

When did you launch your business? 4 years ago, wow! I created New Moon Blends because I was frustrated at my inability to find reasonably-priced beauty products free of chemicals but with medicinal qualities. I'm a qualified nutritionist so I decided to develop my own range of natural, organic products made with no additives or preservatives. I wanted to go back to the basics - so my products use plants for their healing properties, nourishing and feeding the skin. Being vegan, I also wanted them to be cruelty free - so they are only tested on humans! 

What were some of the challenges you faced in starting out? Starting out was very daunting. I had to learn how to source everything which was a lot of trial and error and including lots of tears. Also doing so many markets to get exposure and how to use social media in a business savvy way.

What do you love about running your business? The fact that my products get to be in so many hands. Also the control factor – I love being able to control every little thing about it, my time and also life.

What are the ways in which you try to keep your product as environmentally responsible as possible? All my bottles are in glass and can be reused or recycled afterwards. I also have eco packaging, so everything from the compostable labels, to the recycled paper thank you notes and vegetable gum tape are recyclable. I try to be as environmentally responsible and sustainable as much as possible.

What would you like someone receiving your product to know? How much love goes into each product and that I oversee everything and also how much effort I have put into finding beautiful suppliers that also have the same sustainability values as me. 

Product photography credit: @our-life-behind-the-lens