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Meet the Maker - Rondelle Designs

Meet the Maker - Rondelle Designs


Rondelle Douglas is another of Not a Pony's amazing female makers, creating gorgeous products and caring for the environment while she's at it. Her super-cute watermelon mini heat packs are included in our Period Party Pack.

Your name: 
Rondelle Douglas 

Rondelle Designs 

Instagram handle: 

Favourite Disney movie: 

Choc chip or choc-coated?

What does your ultimate indulgent weekend look like?  
An all-morning massage, facial, and pampering session, followed by a visit to one of my favourite art galleries and maybe a movie. Then a delicious dinner, staying somewhere with an amazing view and the comfiest bed ever, finished off with a gourmet buffet breakfast.

*Side note: We agree, that sounds like absolute BLISS* 

Paint the scene for us - what can you see from your office window? 
Normally I get a glimpse of the Tootgarook wetlands and lots of factories from across the road. But in iso, my office is the dining table so I can see the front yard. 

When did you launch your business? 
April 2014 although it has evolved a lot since then

What were some of the challenges you faced in starting out? 
Figuring out which products were going to be a success and finding the right markets and events where my ideal customers were

Rondelle Douglas

What do you love about running your business? 
I love creating the artwork that features on my products. Making art and designing products is my favourite thing in the world to do. Having an idea in my head and then creating it so that I can hold the physical product in my hands is an amazing feeling. Also, hearing customers tell me how my eye pillows or heat packs have helped ease pain, or comforted their child brings me so much joy. 

What are the ways in which you try to keep your product as environmentally responsible as possible? 
I use organic elements wherever possible. I also keep my production as local as possible to reduce pollution caused by shipping. For example my fabric is printed here in Melbourne and they use environmentally friendly inks. I also keep my packaging to an absolute minimum. Even wholesale orders go out in recycled boxes!

What would you like someone receiving your product to know? 
Every single item is made with a lot of love and care and I hope it brings the new owner relaxation, comfort and joy.

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