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Meet the Maker – Odds and Blobs

Meet the Maker – Odds and Blobs


One of Not a Pony's main goals is to bolster local, independent brands, especially those led by fierce females. Please meet the maker of our super fun purses included in the Period Party Pack.

Your name: 
Jessica Barry

Odds and Blobs 

Instagram handle: 

Favourite Disney movie: 

Choc chip or choc-coated?
Choc coated

What does your ultimate indulgent weekend look like?  
It would definitely start with a sleep in, anything past 9am would be bliss. A nice sunny day, with no chores and an endless supply of sweets and desserts. 

Paint the scene for us - what can you see from your office window? 
I wish I could say that when I look out I can see trees and some beautiful country scenery but it is a room that is to the side of the house so not much more than some trees and a fence. 

When did you launch your business? 
I started my business purely as a hobby back in 2008 then after my son was born in 2010 I decided to go full time with my business so I could stay at home with my two little ones. 

Jessica Barry Odds and Blobs

What were some of the challenges you faced in starting out? 
Trying to figure out exactly what direction I was going in. It's easy to get caught up in making bits of everything. I originally started with just small bags but now I offer a whole range of travel accessories. 

What do you love about running your business? 
The freedom to be my own boss and to be in control of my own destiny. I love being able to wake up every morning being able to do something that I love and am so passionate about. 

What would you like someone receiving your product to know? 
That every piece was made 100% by me with love and care!

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